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How to set KKU Google Apps e-mail in iOS devices

1.  Go to Settings and then select Mail,Contacts, Calendars >

2. Touch Add Account... 

3. Touch Microsoft Exchange ( It is recommend to use Microsoft Exchange rather than Gmail if you would like to use Contacts and Push Notification. ) 

4. In the Email and Username slot type your e-mail address like 
and in the Password type your KKU net password and then touch Next Button (in the upper right). 

5. After touched next button the Server slot will appeared. 

6. Type in the Server slot and then touch Next button. 

7. Select service you would like to use. 

8. The account will now added. If you would like to adjust then touch Exchange menu.

9. You can ON or OFF any service you like and change amount of day the mail sync or which mail folders you would like to push.