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Interface Basics

  • Below is the overview of KKU Gmail interface.
  • The top left tab shows Google applications.
  • Your account email address is shown on the top right. The "Options" icon is next to your email address and you can go to your account settings from there.
  • Here is the "Search Box" used to search emails.
  • Under the KKU Gmail logo is the navigation mode where you can select Mail, Contacts, or Tasks. Mail is where you keep emails. Contacts is where you keep contact information. Tasks is where you keep task information.
  • Under the navigation mode is the "Compose" button, which is used to send a message.
  • Underneath the compose button, you can find the mail tab.
    • Inbox is for emails checking (the number in the bracket shows unread messages).
    • Starred is for marking special messages.
    • Important is for important messages.
    • Sent Mail is for sent messages.
    • Drafts is for messages saved for later modifications.
    • Labels is for grouping messages under the same label/folder.
  • Below is "Chat and SMS" showing a list of your invited chat contacts.
  • Under the "Search Box" are Tools that you can use to select messages, refresh, and choose for more options, respectively.
  • On the far right shows the current page out of the total number of pages. You can use the arrows to switch pages. Next to the arrows is the mail settings.
  • In the middle of the panel is where emails are located. The default displays the sender, the subject title, body messages, and date, respectively.
  • Below is the video clip about Gmail interface in general.