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Read a message
  • Once you are logged into, you will see the Inbox similar to what is presented below. Unread messages are bold. To read, simply click on the message.
  • In general, messages are grouped in the Conversations format, which basically keeps sent and received emails under under the same thread as shown.
  • You can expand the thread by simply clicking on the message.
  • To set how you view your emails, go to "Gear icon -> Settings -> General -> Conversation View".

Compose a message
  • Click on the "Compose" button.
  • In the "To" field, type in the receiver's email address. Gmail automatically remembers email addresses and shows a list of previously sent email addresses in the field as shown below. Then, type in the subject and body messages.
  • Select "Attach a file" if you want to have an attachment.
  • Or you can just simply drag and drop your file from desktop to Gmail as shown here.
  • After you finish, click "Send" to send a message.
  • Tip: You can also save your message for later modifications by selecting "Save Now" or cancel the message by selecting "Discard".

Reply to a message
  • Go to the bottom of the conversations and select "Reply" to email to the sender or select "Reply to all" to email to everyone in the message list. You can add more email addresses by typing them in the "To" field. Once you finish, click "Send" to reply to a message.
  • You can also choose any earlier messages in the conversation list to reply. Just select any message and click "Reply".
  • Moreover, you can select "More" in order to do more actions such as "Reply", "Reply to all", "Forward", or "Filter messages like this" as shown below.

Forward a message
  • If you just want to forward a message, simply go to the bottom of the conversation and select "Forward".
  • Or choose from "More" and select "Forward".
Print a message
  • On the top right of the conversations, there is a printer icon where you can select to "Print all" messages.
  • Or you can go to "More" and select "Print" to print out any individual message.